Telecom Commission Letter addressed to Kelly T. Walsh (Canadian Numbering Administrator)

Ottawa, 14 August 2020

Our reference: 8621-C12-01/08


Kelly T. Walsh
CNA Program Manager
Canadian Numbering Administrator
150 Isabella Street, Suite 605
Ottawa, Ontario K1S 5H3

RE:  Area codes 306/639 Exhaust and Jeopardy Situation

Dear Mr. Walsh:

By letter dated 22 July 2020, the Canadian Numbering Administrator (CNA) advised CRTC staff that the finalized results for the July 2020 Special Numbering Resource Utilization Forecast (S-NRUF) for Saskatchewan area codes 306/639 show that the projected exhaust date (PED) had advanced by five months from January 2022 to August 2021.

This revised PED is two months before the Commission approved implementation date for the relief area code 474 of 2 October 2021.
As noted in your letter, based on the January 2020 R-NRUF results, the 306/639 code complex had entered a jeopardy condition, but declaring a jeopardy condition and invoking jeopardy measures was postponed, pending the results of the July 2020 S-NRUF.

The July 2020 S-NRUF results confirm that a jeopardy condition exists for the 306/639 code complex and the CNA is recommending that jeopardy measures should be put in place, which will require that the CNA:

CRTC staff agrees with the CNA’s assessment and confirms that the 306/639 code complex is in a jeopardy condition, that the Jeopardy Condition Plan in the 306/639 Planning Document is to be activated as of the date of this letter, and that the CNA is to follow the specific measures set out above as well as the other requirements in the Jeopardy Condition Plan.


Original signed by

Michel Murray
Director, Dispute Resolution & Regulatory Implementation
Telecommunications Sector
c.c.:  Bill Mason, CRTC,
Suresh Khare, CNA,

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