Telecom Commission Letter addressed to Richard Polishak (CISC Network Working Group)

Ottawa, 2 July 2020

Our reference: 8621-C12-01/08


Richard Polishak, Chair
CISC Network Working Group

RE: Request for extension to the deadline for submission of the report of the traceback trial (TIF38) 

Dear Mr. Polishak,

In a letter dated 19 March 2020, the CRTC Interconnection Steering Committee (CISC) requested an extension to the filing deadline for a CISC Network Working Group’s (NTWG) report regarding a traceback trial, as set out in Compliance and Enforcement and Telecom Decision CRTC 2019-215 (CETD 2019-215). Invoking unavailability of trial participants’ operational resources due to COVID-19 response requirements, the NTWG requested that the deadline to submit the report be postponed from 19 March 2020 to 19 October 2020.  

While the original deadline for submitting the report would likely not have been met even without the effects of COVID-19, taking into account the state of the trial at the date of the request from the NTWG, the Commission considers that the NTWG would likely have been able to produce a report in a period of 2 to 3 months following the successful completion of the trial.

In addition, the Commission recognizes that many participants in the working group have not been able to work on NTWG activities as they were focused on ensuring that telecommunication networks continue to function at peak efficiency to meet the unique and heavy demands due to COVID-19. This resulted in a two-month long interruption of the trial. 

In these circumstances, the Commission considers that it would be appropriate to extend the deadline for the NTWG to file its report on the traceback trial by seven months, as requested.

The Commission, therefore, requests that the NTWG submit its report on the traceback trial by 19 October 2020.   

Original signed by
Claude Doucet
Secretary General
c.c.: Steven Harroun, C.C.E.O. CRTC

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