Broadcasting Procedural Letter addressed to Curtis L Belcher (Harvest Ministries Sudbury)

Ottawa, 12 August 2020

Curtis L Belcher
General Manager
Harvest Ministries Sudbury
2150 Lasalle
Sudbury, Ontario  P3A 2A7

By email:

Subject: Part 1 Application 2020-0330-0 – CJTK-FM Sudbury, ON – Request for further information regarding the technical amendment application

Dear Mr. Belcher,

This letter is in reference to a Part 1 application filed by Harvest Ministries Sudbury for a technical amendment related to the English-language FM commercial radio programming undertaking CJTK-FM Sudbury. Commission staff notes that the licensee has submitted its application using Form 303 – Application for a technical amendment to a broadcasting licence for an analog radio programming undertaking to present its request. As such, the licensee is requesting an amendment to the authorized contours for its new transmitter located in New Liskeard, Ontario after being forced to relocate it to a new tower due to safety issues.

You submitted additional documentation to staff on July 20, 2020 confirming the ownership of the new tower owned by Quantum Xpress Ltd. Commission staff is of the view that the rationale provided for relocating the transmitter in New Liskeard to a new tower requires additional information.

In order to fully assess this application, please provide the following:

  1. Documentation supporting the unavailability of the initial tower, such as an e-mail or letter from the site owner requesting relocation of the transmitter
  2. Further details with regards to the safety issues that caused the initial tower to be no longer available

Commission staff considers that the above information is required to complete the examination of the application.

Commission staff request that the information mentioned above be submitted by no later than 19 August 2020.

In light of the above, the deadlines for the Part 1 process related to the above-noted application will be modified as follows:

The Commission requires the response or other documents to be submitted electronically by using the secured service “My CRTC Account” (Partner Log In or GCKey) and filling the “Broadcasting and Telecom Cover page” or the “Broadcasting Cover Page” located on this web page. Also on this web page you will find information on the submission of applications to the Commission “Filing Broadcasting and Canadian Program Certification documents with the CRTC: Privacy and Security”.

A copy of this letter and all related correspondence will be added to the public record of the proceeding.

Should you need further information concerning this request for information, please do not hesitate to contact me by e-mail at or by phone at 873-353-9360.


Courtney Fortin
Analyst, Radio Policy and Applications
Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission

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