Broadcasting Commission Letter addressed to Bev Kirshenblatt (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation)

Ottawa, 4 May 2020

By E-mail:

Applications # 2019-0280-0, 2019-0279-2, 2019-0282-5 and 2019-0281-7: Request for information - Filing of additional financial information regarding the CBC/SRC’s digital activities

Dear Ms. Kirshenblatt,

As part of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation/Société Radio-Canada’s (CBC/SRC) licence renewal process, CBC/SRC filed a reply to interventions, dated 6 March 2020, in which it indicated that it was willing to place additional financial information on the record of this proceeding and that it would submit it by 17 April 2020. It added that this financial information would be in relation to its digital activities, including those “operating outside of the DMEO” (Digital media exemption order).

However, in light of the current circumstances relating to COVID-19, CBC/SRC has not yet filed this additional information with the Commission. 

In order to assist the Commission in determining whether to add this additional information to the record of this proceeding following the close of the intervention period, please provide Commission staff with the following information by 11 May 2020:

  1. A new date by which CBC/SRC will file the information referred to in its 6 March 2020 reply comments;
  2. Additionally, in advance of providing this additional information, a detailed description of the material that will be submitted, including:

As set out above, a response to this request for information is to be provided no later than 11 May 2020.

The Commission requires that CBC/SRC submit its response electronically using the secured service “My CRTC Account” (Partner Log In or GCKey) and fill in the “Broadcasting and Telecom Cover page” located on this web page. On this web page, CBC/SRC will also find a link to information on the submission of applications and other documents to the Commission “Submitting applications and other documents to the CRTC using My CRTC Account.” 

A copy of this letter and all related correspondence will be added to the public record of the proceeding.

We also request that CBC/SRC repeat each question in its response.

Please note also that all information that is provided, except information designated as confidential and for which the Commission is not requiring public disclosure, becomes part of a publicly accessible file and will be posted on the Commission’s web site and made available for public examination.

Should additional information be required, please do not hesitate to contact me at 819-997-9392 or by e-mail at, or Céline Legault at 613-222-5493 or .


Tina Louise Latourelle
Senior policy analyst

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