Notice of Violation: Big City W&D Inc. (Big City Windows and Doors)

Ottawa, 9 February 2018


File No.: PDR 9174-1647

To: Big City W&D Inc. (Big City Windows and Doors)

1417-A Cyrville Road
Ottawa, ON K1B 3L7

Date of Notice and Payment: 24 November 2017

Penalty: $20,000

Pursuant to section 72.07 of the Telecommunications Act, S.C. 1993, c. 38 (the Act), the undersigned has issued this Notice of Violation finding Big City W&D Inc. to have committed the following violations contrary to the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission’s (CRTC’s) Unsolicited Telecommunications Rules (the Rules) made under section 41 of the Act:

On and between 1 December 2014 and 31 October 2017, telemarketing telecommunications were made by Big City W&D Inc. resulting in violations of Part II, section 4 of the Rules, for initiating telemarketing telecommunications to telephone numbers registered on the National Do Not Call List (DNCL) and Part II, section 6 of the Rules, for initiating these telemarketing telecommunications while not been a registered subscriber of the National DNCL and not having paid the applicable fees to the National DNCL operator associated with that client's subscription.

Pursuant to section 72.01 of the Act, the undersigned has determined that the penalty for the violations identified above is $20,000.

The penalty of $20,000 must be paid by Big City W&D Inc. to “The Receiver General for Canada” in accordance with subsection 72.09(3) of the Act.

Alain Garneau
Compliance and Enforcement Sector

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