Broadcasting Decision CRTC 2018-284

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Ottawa, 15 August 2018

Vista Radio Ltd.
Vanderhoof, British Columbia

Application 2018-0393-2, received 28 May 2018

CIVH Vanderhoof – Revocation of licence

  1. Vista Radio Ltd. (Vista) has requested the revocation of its broadcasting licence for the commercial radio programming undertaking CIVH Vanderhoof, British Columbia, renewed in Various commercial radio programming undertakings – Licence renewals, Broadcasting Decision CRTC 2012-703, 21 December 2012.
  2. Given the licensee’s request and pursuant to section 9(1)(e) of the Broadcasting Act, the Commission revokes the broadcasting licence issued to Vista Radio Ltd. for the above-mentioned undertaking. 
  3. As a result of this revocation, the licence renewal application (2017-0713-4) for this station is withdrawn, and no further action is required. Further, Vista committed to increase the level of local programming on its station CIRX-FM-1 Vanderhoof from 3.5 to 126 hours.

Secretary General

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