Broadcasting Decision CRTC 2018-102

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References: Part 1 applications posted on 29 December 2017 and 10 January 2018

Ottawa, 23 March 2018

THEMA Canada Inc.
Across Canada

Public record for these applications: 2017-1197-9 and 2017-1198-7

Addition of various non-Canadian programming services to the List of non-Canadian programming services and stations authorized for distribution

  1. The Commission approves applications from THEMA Canada Inc. (THEMA Canada), acting as the Canadian sponsor, to add the non-Canadian programming services listed below to the List of non-Canadian programming services and stations authorized for distribution (the list). The revised list can be found on the Commission’s website at and may be obtained in hard copy on request.
    Name Type Language Description of programming Country of origin Target audience
    TRT WORLD 24-hour news service 100 % English International news Turkey Turkish expatriates and anglophones that want to access world news with a different perspective.
    Studio Canal 24-hour niche service 100 % French Programming devoted to French and French-language cinema France French expatriates and film enthusiasts.
  2. The Commission received a general comment in regard to the application for Studio Canal from the Shaw Rocket Fund. The comment concerned the benefits of quality Canadian children’s programming and did not raise any issues with respect to the services in question.
  3. In regard to TRT WORLD, as set out in Broadcasting Public Notice 2008-100, the Commission has adopted an open-entry approach to the addition of non-Canadian news services to the list, which is consistent with the importance it places on a diversity of editorial points of view. Accordingly, absent clear evidence, as determined by the Commission, that a non-Canadian news service will violate Canadian regulations, such as those regarding abusive comment, the Commission will be predisposed to authorize non-Canadian news services for distribution to Canada.
  4. With respect to Studio Canal, THEMA Canada’s request is in line with the Commission’s general approach, as set out in Broadcasting Public Notice 2008-100 and reiterated in Broadcasting Regulatory Policy 2015-96, regarding the addition of non-Canadian English- and French-language services to the list. Further, based on the record of the proceeding and the absence of opposing interventions, the Commission finds that the service will not be competitive with any Canadian discretionary (i.e. pay or specialty) television services.

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