Broadcasting Commission letter addressed to Various Parties

Ottawa, 29 November 2017


Ms. Sylvie Courtemanche
Vice-President, Government Relations and Compliance 
Corus Entertainment Inc.
Mr. Dimitri Gourdin
Executive Vice-President, Strategy and Communications
Groupe V Média

Mr. Alain Strati
Assistant General Counsel, Regulatory Affairs
Bell Media Inc.
Ms. Peggy Tabet
Vice-President, Regulatory Affairs, Broadcasting
Quebecor Media Inc.

Dear Madam / Sir,

Re : Reconsideration of the licence renewal decisions for the large private French-language ownership groups (Broadcasting Decisions 2017-143 to 2017-147)

In your submission dated 31 October 2017, you requested confidential treatment for certain financial information in the appendices.

Pursuant to Section 34(1) of the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission Rules of Practice and Procedure (the Rules), the disclosure of the information listed below, as reported for each group, is hereby required so that this information can be placed on the public record of the reconsideration proceeding.

It is in the public interest that the information requested be placed on the public record given the importance of the issues at stake and the direct relationship between the information and the issues being examined. This will ensure that all parties will have access to the same level of information and be able to present their views in an informed manner.

In addition, staff has made amendments to Appendix 6 in order to be consistent with the manner in which funds redirected from BDUs to support local news will be reported in the annual returns. To be  consistent, we ask you to file a revised version of Appendix 6, including the requested amendments.

In light of the above, please file the following:

We request that you file only one Excel spreadsheet containing all of the appendices, and that you replace the tabs where additional information is requested with revised tabs.

French-language market


Quebecor (Groupe TVA)

Groupe V Média (Groupe V)


The documents must be filed by 4 December 2017. 

The Commission requires that you submit your documents electronically using the secured service “My CRTC Account” (Partner Log In or GCKey) and fill in the “Broadcasting Cover page” located on this web page. On this web page, you will also find a link to information on the submission of applications to the Commission “Submitting applications and other documents to the CRTC using My CRTC Account.”

A copy of this letter and all related correspondence will be added to the public record of the proceeding.

Original signed by:

Sheehan Carter
Senior Manager, Television
TV Policy and Application, Broadcasting

c.c. :

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