Telecom Order CRTC 2017-107

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Ottawa, 21 April 2017

File number: Tariff Notice 49

Rogers Communications Canada Inc. – Third-party Internet access services


  1. The Commission received an application from Rogers Communications Canada Inc. (RCCI), dated 28 February 2017, in which the company proposed to introduce the following third-party Internet access (TPIA) service speeds:
    • 10 megabits per second (Mbps) upload / 75 Mbps download (the 10/75 service); and
    • 15 Mbps upload / 150 Mbps download (the 15/150 service).Footnote 1
  2. RCCI proposed a monthly rate of $28.65 for the 10/75 service, which it indicated is the same rate currently approved for the nearest lower service speed of 10 Mbps upload / 60 Mbps download.Footnote 2 The company proposed a monthly rate of $34.57 for the 15/150 service, which is the rate currently approved for the destandardized version of the same service speed.
  3. RCCI further proposed to remove the availability restrictions on two service speeds: 20 Mbps upload / 500 Mbps download, and 30 Mbps upload / 1024 Mbps download. These service speeds are currently available only where the company’s 50 Mbps upload / 1024 Mbps download speed is not available. RCCI proposed to offer the two service speeds throughout Ontario.
  4. The Commission did not receive any interventions regarding RCCI’s application. The public record of this proceeding is available on the Commission’s website at or by using the file number provided above.

Commission’s analysis and determinations

  1. RCCI provides, on a destandardized basis, a 2 Mbps upload / 75 Mbps download service speed at a monthly rate of $23.32. Although the upload speeds differ between this service and the 10/75 service, they are essentially the same service for the majority of end-users since download speeds, rather than upload speeds, are the service differentiator for most consumers. Accordingly, and in the absence of a cost study, $23.32 would be the appropriate interim monthly rate for the 10/75 service. The monthly rate of $34.57 for the 15/150 service is reasonable since it is equivalent to the rate charged for the destandardized version of the same service.
  2. Further, RCCI’s proposal to remove the availability restrictions on two service speeds is reasonable.
  3. In light of all the above, the Commission approves on an interim basis RCCI’s application, with the modification to the rate for the 10/75 service noted above. The Commission directs RCCI to issue revised tariff pagesFootnote 3 within 10 days of the date of this order and to update its website to reflect the changes and rates identified in this order.

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