Broadcasting Notice of Consultation CRTC 2016-212

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Ottawa, 1 June 2016

Call for licence renewal applications

Submission of renewal applications for radio licences that will expire in 2017

  1. The Commission requests that the licensees listed in the appendix to this notice submit renewal applications for their radio licences expiring on 31 August 2017. The licensees must submit their renewal applications by no later than 31 August 2016.
  2. Licensees who do not wish to renew their licences beyond the expiry date indicated in this notice must advise the Commission in writing by no later than 31 August 2016.
  3. This call for applications is consistent with the procedures announced in New procedures for licence renewal applications, Broadcasting Information Bulletin CRTC 2015-116, 31 March 2015 (Broadcasting Information Bulletin 2015-116).
  4. The Commission will process the licence renewal applications under the rules for applications set out in Part 1 of the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission Rules of Practice and Procedure. However, where the Commission deems appropriate, the renewal applications may be published in a notice of consultation.
  5. Interested persons will be given the opportunity to comment on the renewal applications once these are posted on the Commission’s website.

Procedure for filing

  1. Licensees must file their renewal applications electronically by completing the "Broadcasting Online Form and Cover Page" using the secured service "My CRTC Account (Partner Log In or GCKey Log In)." A sample of the application form can be viewed on the web page "Radio – Abridged Licence Renewal – Form 310." Licensees that have questions related to the application form may contact a Commission specialist at 1-866-781-1911.


  1. As set out in Broadcasting Information Bulletin 2015-116, radio licensees seeking amendments to their licences or technical changes should submit an application distinct from the licence renewal application.
  2. Pursuant to section 32 of the Broadcasting Act, unless otherwise exempt from the requirement to hold a licence, it is an offence to carry on a broadcasting undertaking without a licence. Failure to submit an application for renewal by the date specified in this notice may result in the expiry of the licence, after which the licensee would no longer have the authority to carry on a broadcasting undertaking.

Secretary General

Appendix to Broadcasting Notice of Consultation CRTC 2016-212

Radio licences that will expire on 31 August 2017

Campus and community radio stations

Licensee Call sign and location
Bluewater Community Radio CFBW-FM Hanover, Ontario
Centre Wellington Community Radio Inc. CICW-FM Elora, Ontario
CKXU Radio Society CKXU-FM Lethbridge, Alberta
Cochrane Polar Bear Radio Club CFDY-FM Cochrane, Ontario and its transmitter CHYD-FM Smooth Rock Falls
Comité de la radio étudiante universitaire de Sherbrooke CFAK-FM Sherbrooke, Quebec
Coopérative de solidarité radio communautaire Nicolet-Yamaska/Bécancour CKBN-FM Bécancour, Quebec
Groupe des médias étudiants de l’Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières CFOU-FM Trois-Rivières, Quebec
Le Club de la radio communautaire de Plamondon-Lac La Biche CHPL-FM Plamondon, Alberta
MacKenzie and Area Community Radio Society (MARS) CHMM-FM Mackenzie, British Columbia
Parrsboro Radio Society CICR-FM Parrsboro, Nova Scotia
Radio communautaire francophone de Montréal inc. CIBL-FM Montréal, Quebec
Radio communautaire Missisquoi CIDI-FM Lac-Brome, Quebec

Native Type B radio stations

Licensee Call sign and location
Director of Operations, Mistawasis First Nations Radio (Louis Ledoux) CHEC-FM Leask, Saskatchewan
Island Lake First Nations Radio Inc. CIFN-FM Island Lake, Saskatchewan
Lenape Community Radio Society CKBK-FM Thamesville, Ontario
Muskeg Lake Cree Nation Radio Station Corp. CICN-FM Aldina, Saskatchewan

Commercial radio stations (mainstream)

Licensee Call sign and location
1905032 Ontario Limited CHYQ-FM Nipissing, Ontario
5777152 Manitoba Ltd. CJVM-FM Virden, Manitoba
8384827 Canada Inc. CFXJ-FM Toronto, Ontario
902890 Alberta Ltd. CIHS-FM Wetaskiwin, Alberta
9116-1299 Québec inc. CFOR-FM Maniwaki, Quebec
Acadia Broadcasting Limited CHSJ-FM Saint John, New Brunswick
CJRL-FM Kenora, Ontario
Bayshore Broadcasting Corporation CFPS-FM Port Elgin, Ontario
Bell Media Inc. and 8384819 Canada Inc., partners in a general partnership carrying on business as Bell Media British Columbia Radio Partnership CKST Vancouver, British Columbia
Bell Media Inc. and 8384819 Canada Inc., partners in a general partnership carrying on business as Bell Media Canada Radio 2013 Partnership CFCA-FM Kitchener, Ontario
Bell Media Inc. CITÉ-FM-1 Sherbrooke, Quebec and its transmitter CITÉ-FM-2 Sherbrooke
CITF-FM Québec, Quebec
CJAB-FM Saguenay, Quebec
Bell Media Inc. and 8384819 Canada Inc., partners in a general partnership carrying on business as Bell Media Ontario Regional Radio Partnership CKLY-FM Lindsay, Ontario
CKQM-FM Peterborough, Ontario
Bell Media Radio (Toronto) Inc. and 4382072 Canada Inc., partners in a general partnership carrying on business as Bell Media Radio G.P. CHTK-FM Prince Rupert, British Columbia
CKCR-FM Revelstoke, British Columbia
Bell Media Inc. and 8384819 Canada Inc., partners in a general partnership carrying on business as Bell Media Windsor Radio Partnership CIDR-FM Windsor, Ontario
CKLW Windsor, Ontario
CKWW Windsor, Ontario
Blackburn Radio Inc. CIBU-FM Wingham, Ontario and its transmitter CIBU-FM-1 Bluewater
CFPV-FM Radio Ltd. CFPV-FM Pemberton, British Columbia
CKDX Radio Limited CKDX-FM Newmarket, Ontario
Connelly Communications Corporation CJTT-FM New Liskeard, Ontario
Corus Premium Television Ltd. CHED Edmonton, Alberta
CJOB Winnipeg, Manitoba
CKNG-FM Edmonton, Alberta
Corus Radio Company CFNY-FM Brampton, Ontario
CFPL London, Ontario
CFPL-FM London, Ontario
CHAY-FM Barrie, Ontario
CHQT Edmonton, Alberta
CISN-FM Edmonton, Alberta
CKDK-FM Woodstock, Ontario
DARR FM Radio Ltd. CJRP-FM Saint John, New Brunswick and its transmitter CJRP-FM-1 Rothesay
Dufferin Communications Inc. CIDC-FM Orangeville, Ontario
Golden West Broadcasting Ltd. CHBO-FM Humboldt, Saskatchewan
CHRB High River, Alberta
CKFI-FM Swift Current, Saskatchewan
CKSE-FM Estevan, Saskatchewan
Groupe Médias Pam inc. CJMS Saint-Constant, Quebec
Groupe Radio Antenne 6 inc. CKXO-FM Chibougamau, Quebec
Intercity Broadcasting Network Inc. CKFG-FM Toronto, Ontario
Jim Pattison Broadcast Group Ltd. (the general partner) and Jim Pattison Industries Ltd. (the limited partner), carrying on business as Jim Pattison Broadcast Group Limited Partnership CFDV-FM Red Deer, Alberta
CFMY-FM Medicine Hat, Alberta
CHUB-FM Red Deer, Alberta
CIFM-FM Kamloops, British Columbia and its transmitters CIFM-FM-2 Clearwater, CIFM-FM-3 Merritt, CIFM-FM-4 Clinton, CIFM-FM-5 Barriere, CIFM-FM-6 Cache Creek, CIFM-FM-7 Pritchard, CIFM-FM-8 Chase and CIFM-FM-9 Sun Peaks Resort
CJXX-FM Grande Prairie, Alberta
CKKN-FM Prince George, British Columbia and its transmitters CKKN-FM-1 McLeod Lake and CKKN-FM-2 Mackenzie
MacEachern Broadcasting Limited CIGO-FM Port Hawkesbury, Nova Scotia
My Broadcasting Corporation CHMY-FM Renfrew, Ontario
CIYN-FM Kincardine, Ontario and its transmitters CIYN-FM-1 Goderich and CIYN-FM-2 Port Elgin
CKZM-FM St. Thomas, Ontario
Newcap Inc. CFCW Camrose, Alberta
CFXH-FM Hinton, Alberta
CIGM-FM Sudbury, Ontario
CILV-FM Ottawa, Ontario
CIXF-FM Brooks, Alberta
CIZZ-FM Red Deer, Alberta
CJYQ St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador
CKDQ Drumheller, Alberta
CKJR Wetaskiwin, Alberta
CKRA-FM Edmonton, Alberta
N L Broadcasting Ltd. CHNL Kamloops, British Columbia and its transmitters CFNL-FM Sorrento, CHNL-1 Clearwater, CINL Ashcroft and CJNL Merritt
CKRV-FM Kamloops, British Columbia
Northwest Broadcasting Inc. CFQK-FM Kaministiquia, Ontario, and its transmitter CKED-FM Shuniah Township
Peace River Broadcasting Corporation Ltd. CKKX-FM Peace River, Alberta and its transmitters CFKX-FM High Level, CJHP-FM High Prairie, CKKF-FM Fairview and CKKX-FM-1 Manning
CKYL Peace River, Alberta and its transmitters CKYL-FM-1 Peace River, CKYL-FM-2 High Prairie, CKYL-FM-3 Fairview, CKYL-FM-4 Valleyview, CKYL-FM-5 Saddle Hills and CKYL-FM-6 Manning
Quinte Broadcasting Company Limited CIGL-FM Belleville, Ontario
Radio CJLS Limited CJLS-FM Yarmouth, Nova Scotia and its transmitters CJLS-FM-1 New Tusket, CJLS-FM-2 Barrington and CJLS-FM-3 Yarmouth
Radio Dégelis inc. CFVD-FM Dégelis, Quebec and its transmitters CFVD-FM-2 Pohénégamook and CFVD-FM-3 Squatec
Radio Diffusion Sorel-Tracy inc. CJSO-FM Sorel, Quebec
Radio Edmundston Inc. CJEM-FM Edmundston, New Brunswick and its transmitter CKMV-FM Grand-Falls
RNC MEDIA inc. CHXX-FM Donnacona, Quebec and its transmitter CHXX-FM-1 Sainte-Croix-de-Lotbinière
CKLX-FM Montréal, Quebec
Rogers Media Inc. CFAC Calgary, Alberta
CFFR Calgary, Alberta
CFRV-FM Lethbridge, Alberta
CHDI-FM Edmonton, Alberta
CHFM-FM Calgary, Alberta and its transmitter CHFM-FM-1 Banff
CHMN-FM Canmore, Alberta and its transmitter CHMN-FM-1 Banff
CHST-FM London, Ontario
CHYM-FM Kitchener, Ontario
CJAQ-FM Calgary, Alberta and its transmitters CJAQ-FM-1 Banff and CJAQ-FM-2 Invermere
CJOK-FM Fort McMurray, Alberta
CJRX-FM Lethbridge, Alberta
CKGL Kitchener, Ontario
CKIS-FM Toronto, Ontario
CKYX-FM Fort McMurray, Alberta and its transmitter CJOK-1-FM Tar Island

Commercial radio stations (religious or Christian music)

Licensee Call sign and location
Radio Chalom CJRS Montréal, Quebec
Radio Ville-Marie CIRA-FM Montréal, Quebec and its transmitters CIRA-FM-2 Trois-Rivières, CIRA-FM-3 Victoriaville and CIRA-FM-4 Rimouski
United Christian Broadcasters Canada CHJJ-FM Cobourg, Ontario
Cochrane Christian Radio CFCJ-FM Cochrane, Ontario
International Harvesters for Christ Evangelistic Association Inc. CJLU-FM Halifax, Nova Scotia and its transmitter CJLU-FM-1 Wolfville
Sound of Faith Broadcasting CJFH-FM Woodstock, Ontario
Total Change Christian Ministries CHVI-FM Campbell River, British Columbia

Commercial radio stations (ethnic)

Licensee Call sign and location
9427899 Canada Inc. CKIN-FM Montréal, Quebec
CPAM Radio inc. CJWI Montréal, Quebec
I.T. Productions Ltd. CJRJ Vancouver, British Columbia
Radio 1540 Limited CJLL-FM Ottawa, Ontario

Specialty audio programming services

Licensee Name of service Location
8595879 Canada Limited Tamil Radio Woodbridge, Ontario
Caribbean Chutney Radio Limited Chutney Radio Woodbridge, Ontario
Sunshine Coast Radio Society C-VUE FM Sechelt, British Columbia
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