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Public Notice CRTC 2001-104

Ottawa, 28 September 2001
The Commission has received the following applications:




Canal Évasion Inc.
Across Canada


Rush Communications Limited
Mabou, Nova Scotia


Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
Rimouski, Quebec


La Radio Communautaire du Comté
Rimouski, Quebec


Corus Radio Company
Cornwall, Ontario
1. Across Canada
Application No. 2001-0850-8
Application by CANAL ÉVASION INC. to amend the licence of the national Frenchlanguagespecialty television service known as Canal Évasion with respect to expenditures on Canadian programming.
Currently, in decision CRTC 99-112, the condition of licence governing expenditures on Canadian programming requires the licensee to devote a minimum of $4,489,000 to the acquisition of and/or investment in Canadian programs in the broadcast year following the first year of operation. Further, in each subsequent broadcast year, the licensee shall expend on Canadian programs a minimum of 50% of the previous year's gross revenues derived from the operation of this service.
In Public Notice CRTC 2000-174 dated 15 December 2000, the licensee proposed changing this condition of licence to read as follows:

"The licensee shall devote to investment in Canadian programs or their acquisition in its second year of operation and during each subsequent year of broadcasting, at least 50 percent of the gross revenue derived from the operation of the service during the previous year."

Later, in decision CRTC 2001-371 dated 21 June 2001, the Commission denied the said application indicating that the effect of this amendment would have the effect of reducing the required expenditures.
Canal Evasion Inc. is now requesting authorisation to defer the balance of the underexpenditures on Canadian programming for the fiscal year ending 31 August 2001 over the next three years of operation, ending 31 August 2004.
The licensee has indicated that it would now be able to respect its commitment expenditures toward Canadian programming for the subsequent years while adding, for the next three years, the difference between the expenditures for Canadian programming agreed upon in 2000/2001 and the expenditures anticipated in Decision CRTC 99-112.
Seeing that all expenditures relative to Canadian programming have been incurred for the fiscal year ending 31 August 2001, the licensee has filed this application. According to the licensee it would be difficult to add any amount to fiscal year 2000-2001 to meet the requirements of its licence.
Licensee's address:

Canal Évasion Inc.
Suite 350
1205 Papineau Avenue
Montréal, Quebec
H2K 4R2
Fax: (514) 590-0146
Examination of application:

At the applicant's address
2. Mabou, Nova Scotia
Application No. 2001-0533-9
Application by RUSH COMMUNICATIONS LIMITED relating to its cable system serving Mabou.
The licensee is asking to be relieved, by condition of licence, of the requirement that it distribute the signals of CBIT-19 (CBC) and CJCB-TV-1 (CTV) Inverness, Nova Scotia, both local services, pursuant to section 32(1)(a) of the Broadcasting Distribution Regulations.
The licensee proposes to distribute instead, CBHT (CBC) and CJCH-TV (CTV) Halifax, Nova Scotia, received via satellite.
The licensee states that they have been experiencing interference problems and that these changes should provide better signal quality.
Licensee's address:

Rush Communications Limited
23 Paint Street
Port Hawkesbury, Nova Scotia
B9A 3J7
Fax: (902) 625-0064
Examination of application:

Mabou Communications Limited
11541 Route 19
Mabou, Nova Scotia
3. Rimouski, Québec
Application No. 2001-0409-2
The licensee proposes to increasethe effective radiated power from 5,500 to 19,400 watts and to change the channel class from 206B to 206C1.
The licensee would like to improve the signal quality of the station.
This application requires an amendment to the licence.
Licensee's address:

250, Lanark Avenue
Ottawa, Ontario
K1Z 6R5
Fax: (613) 724-5668
Examination of application:

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
273, St-Jean Baptiste Street West
Rimouski, Québec
4. Rimouski, Québec
Application No. 2000-2313-5
Application by LA RADIO COMMUNAUTAIRE DU COMTÉ, to amend the broadcasting licence of the type B community radio programming undertaking CKMN-FM.
The licensee proposes amendments to its conditions of licence pursuant to the Community Radio Policy, Public Notice CRTC 2000-13. The licensee wishes to replace the programming obligations currently set out as conditions of licence in its Promise of Performance.
In accordance with the new policy, the condition of licence restricting advertising would be deleted.
The following conditions of licence would replace those set out in the current Promise of Performance:

- It is a condition of licence that the licensee devote, during each broadcast week, a minimum of 20% of its musical selections to musical selections from content subcategories other than the Pop, rock and dance subcategory (content subcategory 21), as defined in Public Notice CRTC 2000-14, as amended from time to time.

- It is a condition of licence that the licensee devote, during each broadcast week, a minimum of 5% of its musical selections to musical selections from Special Interest Music (content category 3), as defined in Public Notice CRTC 2000-14, as amended from time to time.

- It is a condition of licence that the licensee devote, during each broadcast week, at least 25% of its programming to Spoken Word (content category 1) which is comprised of News (content subcategory 11) and Spoken Word - Other (content subcategory 12), with an emphasis on community-oriented spoken word, as defined in Public Notice CRTC 2000-14, as amended from time to time.

Licensee's address:

La Radio communautaire du Comté
570, St-Germain Boulevard West
Rimouski, Québec
G5L 3R2
Examination of application:

At the licensee's address
5. Cornwall, Ontario
Application No. 2001-0759-1
  Application by CORUS RADIO COMPANY (CORUS)seeking authority to acquire control of TRI-CO BROADCASTING LIMITED (TRI-CO)by acquiring all of the issued and outstanding shares held by 519957 Ontario Ltd. (the Emard family) in Tri-Co, representing 100% of this corporation's voting interests.
The application includes the transfer of ownership of the three radio stations held by TRI-CO, all of which are located in Cornwall, Ontario.
CORUS proposes a benefits package of $242,500, spread over a seven-year period, which represents 6% of the purchase price of $4,041,000.
CORUS proposes to contribute $40,450 towards the development of Canadian musical and other artistic talent in the Cornwall area; $121,230 towards the CAB Starmaker Fund and $80,820 towards FACTOR.
The Commission seeks public comments on the appropriateness of the proposed initiatives.
Applicant's address:

Corus Radio Company
Suite 1630
181 Bay Street
Toronto, Ontario
M5J 2T3
Fax: (416) 642-3779
Examination of application:

At the applicant's address, and

237 Water Street East
Cornwall, Ontario



2 November 2001

The intervention must be received by the CRTC and by the applicant ON OR BEFORE the above-mentioned date. The Commission cannot be held responsible for postal delays.
Your intervention will be considered by the Commission, and will form part of the public record of the proceeding without further notification to you, provided the procedure set out below has been followed. You will be contacted only if your submission raises procedural questions.
Submit your written intervention to the Secretary General of the Commission in ONLY ONE of the following formats:



CRTC, Ottawa, Ontario, K1A 0N2


Secretary General - (819) 994-0218

A true copy MUST be sent to the applicant and proof that this has been done must accompany the intervention sent to the Commission.
Where the intervention is filed by electronic means, the line ***End of document*** should be entered following the last paragraph of the document, as an indication that the document has not been damaged during electronic transmission.
Please note, that only the documents (applications and interventions) electronically filed will be available on the Commission's web site. You will be able to access these documents by indicating the public notice or the notice of public hearing number.
Each paragraph of the document should be numbered.
Your intervention should clearly identify the application and indicate whether you support or oppose the application, or if you propose changes to it, include the facts and grounds for your proposal.
In the event that the application is brought to the oral phase of the hearing, and if you wish to appear, you must provide reasons why your written comments are not sufficient and why an appearance is necessary.
In exceptional circumstances, the Commission may allow an intervenor to present its intervention by teleconference. At the time of filing its intervention, the intervenor must clearly indicate why the Commission should grant such a request.
Documents are available at the local address provided in this notice and at the Commission offices and documentation centres directly involved with these applications or, upon request, within 48 hours, at any other CRTC offices and documentation centres.
Central Building
Les Terrasses de la Chaudière
1 Promenade du Portage, Room G-5
Hull, Quebec K1A 0N2
Tel: (819) 997-2429 - TDD: 994-0423
FAX: (819) 994-0218
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1809 Barrington Street, Suite 1007
Halifax, Nova Scotia B3J 3K8
Tel: (902) 426-7997 - TDD: 426-6997
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405 de Maisonneuve Blvd. East
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Montréal, Quebec H2L 4J5
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Regina, Saskatchewan S4P 3X3
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Edmonton, Alberta T5J 3N4
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Vancouver, British Columbia V6C 3B6
Tel: (604) 666-2111 - TDD: 666-0778
FAX: (604) 666-8322
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