Decision CRTC 2001-238-1

See also: 2001-238, 2001-238-2

Ottawa, 28 May 2001

Restructured bands, revised loop rates and related issues

Reference: 8661-C12-02/00


Paragraph 158 of Decision CRTC 2001-238, dated 27 April 2001, is amended and the revised text is in bold.

The Commission considers it appropriate to apply expense restrictions to the residence PES cost studies that are similar to those applied to the loop cost studies. The Commission therefore finds that the ILECs' PES maintenance expense forecast, expressed as a percentage of the total capital cost, not exceed 10% for all ILECs and all bands except for the remote Band G. Consistent with the loop cost adjustments, the per NAS maintenance expense for the ILECs' remote band should not exceed 20% of the total capital costs, except for Bell Canada's and NewTel's remote band, which is to be limited to $20 per NAS. This latter expense level for Bell Canada's and NewTel's remote band has been set higher than for the loop service to account for the higher expenses expected for the residential PES service.

Secretary General

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