Broadcasting committee sub-committee for routine and non-contentious matters
By-Law No. 29

WHEREAS The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission is empowered by section 11 of the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission Act, R.S.C. 1985, c. C-22, as amended, to establish special and standing committees of the Commission and to delegate duties to such committees.

NOW THEREFORE Be it, and is hereby enacted that

  1. a Broadcasting Committee Sub-Committee for routine and non-contentious matters (the Sub-Committee) is established as a standing committee of the Commission which shall consist of 3 members and one alternate member;
  2. subject to the following, the members of the Sub-Committee and the alternate member shall be named by the Chairperson:
    1. Except when the office of the Vice-Chairperson of Broadcasting is vacant, the person occupying the office shall be a member of the Sub-committee;
    2. At least one member of the Sub-committee, excluding the alternate member, shall be a regional member pursuant to subsection 10.1(2) of the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission Act;
  3. members shall be appointed until such time as successors are appointed;
  4. The alternate member may act as a member of the Sub-Committee whenever a member is unavailable or otherwise unable to participate in a meeting of the Sub-Committee;
  5. in this by-law, the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunication Rules of Practice and Procedure, SOR/2010-277, as amended from time to time are referred to as "the Rules of Procedure";
  6. the Sub-Committee is delegated the authority
    1. to dispose of applications listed in Schedule 1 of the Rules of Procedure other than share transfer applications referred to in section (b) of paragraph 14 of Broadcasting Information Bulletin CRTC 2008-8-2, dated 6 December 2013;
    2. to approve the wording and issuance of decisions providing for licence renewals granted for administrative purposes;
    3. to dispose of applications requesting the renewal or amendment of a licence that have not otherwise been reserved for a panel and provided that such applications can be resolved within a regulatory policy or framework established by the Commission or that are consistent with current Commission practice;
    4. to dispose of applications to amend regional broadcasting licences in order to add and/or delete a broadcasting distribution undertaking;
    5. to dispose of requests for the addition of non-Canadian television programming undertakings to the lists of eligible satellite services for distribution on a digital basis;
    6. to dispose of applications by radio programming undertakings requesting authority to simultaneously broadcast that undertaking’s programming on both the AM and FM bands;
    7. to approve the wording and issuance of notices of consultation, including amendments to notices of consultation already issued, wherein the Commission seeks interventions and comments from the public with respect to applications received seeking the issuance, or renewal of a licence provided that:
      1. such matters are not coupled with a mandatory order hearing as contemplated by section 18 of the Broadcasting Act; and
      2. a panel has not already been struck to consider the matters;

      and further provided that the authority granted under this item does not extend to the issuance of notices of consultation, including amendments to notices of consultation already issued, with respect to hearings that are initiated due to an order of the Governor in Council issued pursuant to section 28 of the Broadcasting Act or that result from an application made pursuant to subsection 12(3) of that same Act;

    8. to dispose of all procedural matters under the Rules of Procedure in proceedings related to i to vii of this section;
    9. to refer any matter to a meeting of the Broadcasting Committee or the Commission, where appropriate, for disposition;
  7. notwithstanding the above, matters that raise new or significant policy considerations shall, depending on the matter, be referred to either the Broadcasting Committee or the Commission for disposition;
  8. if any member of the Commission advises the Sub-Committee of that member’s desire to have a matter considered by the Broadcasting Committee, such matter shall be placed on the agenda for the next meeting of the Broadcasting Committee and shall not be dealt with by the Sub-Committee;
  9. a quorum for meetings of the Sub-Committee shall consist of any two members thereof;
  10. where the Sub-Committee is unable to reach a decision, the matter under consideration shall be referred to the Broadcasting Committee for disposition;
  11. any act done by the Sub-Committee shall be deemed to be an act done by the Commission;
  12. minutes of each meeting of the Sub-Committee shall be presented in a timely manner to the Broadcasting Committee.
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