1540 Cable Wholesale High-speed Access Working Group: Reports

Working Group Contacts

Co-Chair: Paul Anderson
Co-Chair: Nathan Jarrett

CRTC: Matthew Alexander

Meeting Schedules


1540GLTPIANMGL.docx - Network Management Guidelines

1540RE05.docx - Network Trouble Escalation Process and Advance Notice of Network Changes

1540GLTPIASOTT2.docx - Final Guidelines for TPIA Service Orders and Trouble Tickets

1540RE04.docx – Non-Consensus Report on Status of TPIA Installation Orders and Trouble Tickets

1540GLTPIASOTT1.docx – Process Guidelines for TPIA Service Orders and Trouble Tickets, version 1

1540RE03.docx - 1540 Working Group Status Report - 23 September 2016

1540RE02.docx – Status Report - 8 February 2015

1540RE01.docx – Status Report - 13 May 2015

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