Business Process Working Group: Memos and Other Documents


BPAGIXC19.doc - 636KB - LEC-IXC Agreement, version 19, dated 29 June 2007

BPLESC01 (html version lt040705) - The sharing of customer credit information in the Canadian Telecommunications industry

BPMECN01.DOC - 31KB - "Response to CSCN regarding the implementation of porting Reserved and Held telephone numbers"

BPMEMA02.DOC - 13KB - "Request to Master Agreements Working Group to establish an industry standard interconnection agreement for LECs using a Transiting Carrier"

BPMEBI03.doc - 12KB - BPWG response to BIRE011- Consensus - Definition of an MDU

BPMECL04.txt - 2KB - BPWG response to CLG draft Consensus Report on "Sub-loop Extensions"

BPMEQS05.doc - 21KB - BPWG request to CISC Chair to defer TIF 40

BPAGMALI28.doc - 306KB - MALI version 28 OUTDATED

BPAGMALI29.doc - 276KB - MALI version 29.1, dated 29 June 2007

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