Agenda for the CRTC Interconnection Steering Committee (CISC) Meeting 17 April 2020

Type of meeting: eMeeting

1. Approval of previous minutes

eMeeting of 15 January 2020 (SCMI2001E)

2. New reports

The Emergency Services Working Group (ESWG) submitted the following report for approval:

  1. Dispatchable Location from Originating Networks Report (ESRE0086b)

The Business Process Working Group (BPWG) submitted the following report for approval:

  1. Competitor Quality of Service Regime (CQoS) (BPRE102a)

The Canadian Steering Committee on Numbering (CSCN) submitted the following report for approval:

  1. Revised Appendix B, Canadian NPA Relief Planning Timeline, to the Canadian NPA Relief Planning Guideline (CNRE126A)

3. New Task Identification Forms (TIFs)

The Network Working Group (NTWG) submitted the following TIF for approval:

  1. Framework for STIR/SHAKEN in Canada (NTTF040)

The CSCN submitted the following TIFs for approval:

  1. Review of the relief planning and number forecast processes associated with Relief of an Overlay NPA Complex – revised TIF 105 (CNTF105B)
  2. Streamline the Central Office Code (NXX) Assignment Request and Confirmation Forms (CNTF106A)
  3. Update the Canadian Emergency Service Routing Digit (ESRD) Block Assignment Guideline (CNTF107A)
  4. Update the Appendix B – Months to Exhaust Certification Worksheet (CNTF108A)

4. Extension request

The NTWG submitted the following document for information:

  1. Request for extension in relation to TIF 38 related to a call traceback process (TIF 38 extension request)

5. Next meetings

Future CISC meetings will be scheduled as needed

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