Agenda for Steering Committee Meeting of
7 June 2013


Type of meeting: Teleconference

1. Meeting will start at 11:00 a.m. Ottawa time

Dial-in number: 1-877-413-4790

Code: 2208925

2. Roll Call

3. Approval of previous Steering Committee (SC) minutes

Walk-around meeting of 15 March 2013 (SCMI1301E.doc - 66KB)

4. New Task Identification Form (TIF)

a) The Business Process Working Group (BPWG) submitted the following TIF:

i) Canadian Local Ordering Guidelines (C-LOG) (BPTF0088.doc - 28KB)

5. Report

a) The Canadian Steering Committee on Numbering (CSCN) submitted the following consensus report:

i) CSCN TIF Report 96 re: TIF 75 CSCN Guidelines Review - Canadian International Mobile Subscriber Identity (IMSI) Assignment Guideline (CNRE096A.doc - 85KB)

b) The NPA 226/519 Relief Planning Committee submitted the following consensus report

i) Relief Planning Committee (RPC) Recommendation for NPA 226/519 Relief (Planning Document and Relief Implementation Plan (226_519RE01A.doc - 3MB)

6. Other

a) The Canadian Steering Committee on Numbering (CSCN) re-submitted a letter for discussion (Letter to CISC Chairs.doc - 20KB) regarding CSCN TIF 87 – Management of numbering resources in low population density areas

7. Chair Reports

i) Canadian Steering Committee on Numbering - n/a

ii) NPA Relief Implementation Working Group (Glenn Pilley) - (NPA_RPC_Chair_Report_Jun_04_13.doc - 29KB)

iii) BPWG (Peter Lang) (BPSRJun13.doc - 36KB)

iv) Emergency Services Working Group (Chris Kellett) (ESSR1302.pdf - 517KB)

v) Network Working Group (Rob Sired) (NTSC1302.doc - 123KB)

vi) CRTC Steering Committee (Michel Murray) (SCSR1302.doc -440KB)

8. Next meetings

Walk-around SC meetings will be held as needed.

Face-to-face meeting:  (date to be determined).

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