Agenda for Steering Committee Meeting
of 9 July 2012



Type of meeting: Walk-around

1. Approval of previous Steering Committee (SC) minutes

Face to face meeting of 8 June 2012 (SCMI1206E.doc)

2. New TIFs

a) The Canadian Steering Committee on Numbering (CSCN) submitted the following TIFs for approval:

i)   CSCN TIF 86: Non-Geographic 5XX-NXX Code Resources (CNTF086A)

ii)  CSCN TIF 87: Management of numbering resources in low population density areas (CNTF087A)

iii) CSCN TIF 88: Transitioning from geographic NANP resources to other resources for non‑traditional purposes (CNTF088A)


b) The Network Working Group submitted the following TIF for approval:

i) Technical solutions to provide relief from unsolicited marketing calls using an Automatic Dialing-Announcing Devices (NTTF031)

3. Reports

a) The CSCN submitted the following consensus report for approval:

i) CSCN TIF Report 94 re: TIF 75 CSCN Guidelines Review – Canadian Numbering Resource Utilization Forecast (C-NRUF) Guideline (CNRE094A)

b) The Business Process Working Group submitted the following consensus report for approval:

i)   Customer Transfer Process (BPRE083a)

4. Next meeting

Teleconference: 14 September 2012, 14 December 2012 and 15 March 2013.

Walk-around SC meetings will be held as needed.

Face-to-face meeting to be determined later.

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