2003-10-24 - #:  8622-B2-200315053 - Bell Canada contre FCI Broadband - Demande que le Conseil prenne l'action appropriée en raison de l'adoption de la condition d'accès aux ILU

Dossier fermé - Lettre du Conseil - 2004-04-05

2004-04-05 - Lettre du Conseil - Version anglaise seulement - "Version imprimée"
Dossiers #: 8622-F18-200313875, 8622-B2-200315053, 8662-F18-200310722
Description:  Lettre adressée à Bell Canada, FCI Broadband - Objet:  Retrait des demandes Partie VII

2004-03-30 - FCI Broadband
Description: Therefore, by way of this letter FCI Broadband hereby withdraws its Application, dated 6 October 2003, requesting an order from the Commission requiring that Bell Canada cease promoting its offer to the residents of N.Y Towers
Document: 040330.doc - 53KO

2004-03-30 - Bell Canada
Description: In regard to the above Applications submitted by Bell Canada against Futureway regarding access issues in multi-dwelling units (MDUs).
Document: 040330.doc - 63KO

2003-11-24 - FCI Broadband
Description: As you are aware, it has been 31 days since you filed your Part VII Application against FCI Broadband (Futureway) and 17 days since you filed the subsequent letter further to that Application
Document: 031124.doc - 55KO

2003-11-24 - TELUS Communications Inc.
Description: TELUS is in receipt of a Part VII application filed by Bell Canada against FCI Broadband dated October 24, 2003. The Application concerns Bell's inability to gain access to end-users in Multiple Dwelling Units (MDUs) in which FCI Broadband is the sole telecommunications service provider
Document: 031124.doc - 56KO

2003-11-07 - Bell Canada
Description: This letter is filed by Bell Canada (or the Company) further to a Part VII Application that was filed against Futureway on 24 October 2003 regarding Futureway's failure to comply with the MDU Access Condition in Decision 2003 45, Provision of telecommunications services to customers in multi dwelling units.
Document: 031107_2.zip - 917KO

2003-10-24 - Bell Canada
Description: This application is filed by Bell Canada (or the Company) pursuant to Part VII of the CRTC Telecommunications Rules of Procedure against Futureway regarding compliance with the MDU Access Condition as required in Decision 2003-45, Provision of telecommunications services to customers in multi-dwelling units.
Document: 031024_2.zip - 147KO

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