Rates (Disputes/Issues) (8661): 2010

Date              File # / Subject Decision    
2010-10-28 8661-C12-201015975

NC 2010-803 - Call for comments - Usage-based billing for Gateway Access Services and third-party Internet access services

2010-10-22 8661-M59-201015868

MTS Allstream Inc. - Application regarding rate reductions for competitor services arising from conversion to harmonized sales tax in Ontario and British Columbia

2010-09-13 8661-M59-201014605

MTS Allstream Inc. - Application concerning billing of unauthorized charges by TELUS

2010-07-22 8661-T8-201011692

TBayTel - Application requesting relief with respect to the regulatory framework for the provision of digital network access (DNA) services by SILECs to ILECs

2010-07-16 8661-M59-201011452

MTS Allstream Inc. - Application regarding overbilling of Competitor Digital Network (CDN) charges by TBayTel

2010-06-29 8661-B54-201010636

Bell Aliant Regional Communications, Limited Partnership and Bell Canada - Application regarding the Application of Competitor Digital Network Services channelization charges to competitor affiliates

2010-06-22 8661-T66-201010214

TELUS Communications Company - Application to direct TBayTel to correct its overbilling of TELUS for Competitor Digital Network Access Services

2010-01-04 8661-T117-201000033
TekSavvy Solutions Inc. and Yak Home Phone Corp. - Application requested certain relief regarding wholesale local service and features provided by Bell Aliant Regional Communications Limited Partnership and Bell Canada.
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