Social and Consumer Issues(8665): 2004

Date File # / Subject Decision
2004-11-29 8665-A53-200414417
Aliant Telecom, Bell Canada, Bell Mobility, NorthernTel, Limited Partnership, Northwestel Inc.and Télébec, société en commandite (the Companies) - Application to revise Article 11 of the terms of service
2004-08-24 8665-A83-200409492
Alberta Health and Wellness - Assignment of 311 number for non-urgent health triage services - Reclamation of 511 and 811 access codes
2004-07-07 8665-U11-200407090
Union des Consommateurs, Public Interest Advocacy Centre (PIAC), Option Consommateurs - Request for CRTC to intervene in "dialers" cases: modem hijackings
2004-06-15 8665-B47-200406407
British Columbia Public Interest Advocacy Centre - General Terms of Service Item 16.1 (Telus Telephone Directories)
File closed
2004-06-14 8665-S62-200405888
County of Strathcona, etc... (the Applicants) - Application requesting access to the ILECs emergency 9-1-1 databases for the purpose of providing a community notification service
2004-06-02 8665-B47-200407157
British Columbia Public Interest Advocacy Centre - Violation of Telus Communications Inc. of General Terms of Service Item 16.1 (Telephone directories)
File closed
2004-04-05 8665-A53-200403345
Aliant Telecom, Bell Canada, MTS Communications, Northwestel, TELUS, TELUS (Quebec) (the Companies) - Application to modify the program of monitoring the affordability of residential telephone service in Canada
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