Bell Canada: 8678-B2-200318049

Proposal to seek funding from the deferral account for the expansion of Bell Canada's digital subscriber line (DSL) footprint to certain areas

2006-02-16 - Telecom Decision CRTC 2006-9 Disposition of funds in the deferral accounts. Reference: 8678-C12-200402313 and 8678-B2-200318049.

2004-03-24 - Telecom Public Notice 2004-1 - The Commission initiates a public proceeding inviting proposals on the disposing of the amounts accumulated in the incumbent local exchange carriers' deferral accounts during the first two years of the second price cap period. Reference: 8678-C12-200402313 and 8678-B2-200318049


2004-01-09 - Execulink Internet Inc.
Description: This response is filed by Execulink Internet Inc. to Bell Canada's Proposal to seek funding from the Deferral account for the expansion of Bell Canada's Digital Subscriber Line footprint to certain areas
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2004-01-09 - Xit Telecom Inc.
Description: These comments are being filed by Xit telecom Inc. (previously known as 4089316 Canada Inc.) on its behalf and on behalf of Xittel telecommunications inc. (Xit telecom).
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2004-01-09 - The Consumer Groups
Description: The following submission is made in response to the application of Bell Canada noted above on behalf of the following groups, collectively referred to herein as the "Consumer Groups" The Consumers'  Association of Canada, National Anti-Poverty Organization, and L'Union des Consommateurs
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2003-12-24 - Commission Letter - English Version Only - "Hard Copy Document"
Description: Letter addressed to Microcell Telecommunications Inc. & Bell Canada - Subjet: Bell Canada Application re: Proposal to seek funding from the deferral account for the expansion of Bell Canada's digital subscriber line (DSL) footprint to certain areas - Request for extension to comment period

2003-12-23 - Allstream Corp.
Description: Allstream Corp. is in receipt of a letter to the Commission from Microcell Telecommunications requesting modifications to the procedures associated with the above‑noted subject
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2003-12-22 - Microcell Telecommunications Inc.
Description: Microcell on behalf of its subsidiary companies, Microcell Solutions Inc. and Inukshuk Internet Inc., formally requests a one month extension to the comment period of the above-mentioned proceeding
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2003-12-19 - Satcom Télécom sans fil Inc.
Description: Comme suite au dépôt, le 2 décembre dernier, d'une proposition de Bell Canada auprès du CRTC visant à étendre , via le compte de report, le service Internet haute vitesse aux régions rurales et éloignées non desservies du Québec et de l'Ontario, nous aimerions nous opposer vivement à la susdite proposition de Bell Canada.
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2003-12-04 - Cable Cable Inc.
Description: I read an article by Tyler Hamilton yesterday in the business section of the Toronto Star titled "Bell proposes high-speed internet plan for rural area."
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2003-12-02 - Bell Canada
Description: This application is filed by Bell Canada pursuant to Part VII of the CRTC Telecommunications Rules of Procedures. In this application, Bell Canada requests Commission approval of the use of the funds in the deferral account established by Bell Canada pursuant to the directives in Decision 2002-34, to expand Bell Canada's DSL footprint over a three-year period into communities which presently have no high-speed broadband Internet connectivity from any provider and where there is no expectation that such connectivity would be made available unless some form of incentives were provided to make the provision of service possible.
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Bunsch, Jim
Medri, V.W.
Van Veen, Frank J.

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