Contribution Mechanism (8695): 2001

Date        File number   Subject       Decision
2001/11/02 8695-P8-01/01 PIAC - Alleged violations of CRTC Decision 2000-745 D2002-65
2001/09/21 8695-T42-01/01 TELUS Communications Inc.- To consider the manner in which decision 2000-745 applies to the treatment of revenues derived from wireless handsets D2002-23
2001/07/17 8695-C12-17/01 Public Notice 2001-83 - Mechanism to ensure compliance with the revenue-based contribution regime  
2001/06/29 8695-A53-01/01 Aliant Telecom Inc. - Contribution - Related Matters O2001-876-1
2001/04/27 8695-C12-16/01 Télébec ltée - Final Contribution Charges for 2001 O2001-598
2001/04/05 8695-C12-15/01 Telus Communications (Québec) Inc. (formerly Québec-Téléphone) - Final Contribution Charges for 2001 O2001-641
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