Follow-up to Decisions, Notices, Orders (8638): 2001

Date        File number   Subject       Decision
2001/12/20 8638-C12-52/01 Follow-up to Order CRTC 2001-897 - Faximum Software Inc. NFAR
2001/12/19 8638-C12-58/01 Follow-up to Decision 2001-767 - Price Cap review and related issues (PN 2001-37) - Disposition of the MTS service improvement plan D2002-63
2001/10/17 8638-C12-51/01 Follow-up to Order CRTC 2001-701 - Approval of non-disclosure agreement for third-party Internet access services provided by smaller cable carriers NFAR
2001/08/31 8638-C12-50/01 Follow-up to Order CRTC 2001-690 - Alternative formats for a person who is blind D2002-13
2001/04/09 8638-C12-48/01 Follow-up to Decision CRTC 2001-217 - CRTC Creates new quality of service indicators for telephone companies D2003-72
2001/03/15 8638-C12-46/01 Follow-up to Order CRTC 2000-393 - Bill Management Tools (BMTs) and Access to Telephone Service Committee D2005-38
2001/02/26 8638-C12-49/01 Follow-up to Order CRTC 2001-163 - Access to Microcell's Fido-related service by persons who are blind O2001-690

*NFAR = No further action required

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