Rates (Disputes/Issues) (8661): 2001

Date        File number   Subject       Decision
2001/12/17 8661-S22-02/01 Revision to SaskTel Residential Primary Exchange Service Costs for Purposes of Calculating the Total Subsidy Requirement  
2001/12/17 8661-S9-01/01 Shaw - Requesting a proceeding to consider the rates for type B, C and D conduit provided by Telus Communications (B.C.) Inc. D2003-54
2001/12/17 8661-R11-02/01 Rogers Wireless Inc. - Regarding wireless interconnection rates in the territories of the Ontario and Quebec Independent Telephone Companies D2006-31
2001/12/12 8661-A4-02/01 AT&T Canada - PN 2001-37 to extend on an interim basis the existing regime and to render all Utility segment rates interim D2002-33
2001/12/10 8661-C25-03/01 Call-Net Enterprises - Application for revision to the rates for Direct Connection Service  
2001/11/30 8661-C12-08/01 Public Notice 2001-119 - CRTC to review revised loop and primary exchange service cost filings File Closed
2001/11/02 8661-P8-01/01 PIAC - Alleged violation of Basic Toll Rate Constraint established in CRTC Decision 97-19 D2002-27
2001/10/05 8661-D11-01/01 Distributel Communications Limited - Reclassification of Bell Canada's Centrex tie Trunk Termination Service  
2001/08/13 8661-B20-01/01 Bell et al - Revised primary exchange service costs (PN 2001-37) CO2003-7
2001/07/10 8661-F14-01/01 Faximum Software Inc. - Requests that the Commission issue orders granting it and its customers the right to order Direct Inward Dialling (DID) Trunks from Telus without some of the contraints imposed by Telus O2001-897
2001/06/04 8661-R11-01/01 Rogers Wireless Inc. - Requests that the Commission suspend portion of item on Wireless Service O2001-760
2001/02/05 8661-C12-05/01 Québec-Téléphone and Télébec - Application for information to the establishment of bands rate  
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