Call-Net: 8650-C25-01/01

Payphone billing and Invoicing issues - ILEC-to-IXC Toll-Free Access/Interface Issues

2001/09/25 - Decision CRTC 2001-606 Part VII: Call-Net et al. - Pay telephone billing, invoicing and other issues. Reference:  8650-C25-01/01.

2002/02/20 - Aliant Telecom Inc., Bell Canada, MTS Communications Inc. and Saskatchewan Telecommunications
Description: The Companies are in receipt of an abridged letter related to payphone billing issues from Call-Net Enterprises Inc. (Call-Net), dated 21 January 2002.
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2002/01/21 - Call-Net Enterprises Inc.
Description: Call-Net wishes to acknowledge all the CRTC efforts in helping all toll-free providers work through the technical and administrative issues stemming from the implementation of per call compensation for payphone originating toll-free calls.
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2001/07/06 - Call-Net Enterprises Inc.
Description: Call-Net ("Call-Net") is in receipt of a letter from Bell Canada dated June 19, 2001, in respect of the matter noted above. In that letter, Bell Canada purported to be responding to "new information" and "misleading" information allegedly filed by Call-Net in its Reply letter dated May 30, 2001. Call-Net submits that these allegations are completely without merit.
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2001/06/19 - Bell Canada
Description: This letter is in response to new information filed with the Commission by Call-Net Enterprises Inc. (Call-Net) in a letter dated 30 May 2001, further to an earlier letter issued by Call-Net, on 30 April 2001 in which Call-Net raised a number of payphone billing and collection issues. In addition, Bell Canada is also responding to certain assertions made by Call-Net which are either misleading or inconsistent with the positions put forward by the Company.
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2001/05/30 - Call-Net Enterprises Inc.
Description: Call-Net Enterprises Inc. ("Call-Net") is in receipt of the Response by Bell Canada to Call-Net's letter dated April 30, 2001, in which Call-Net advised the Commission of major concerns pertaining to the deficiencies of the existing signaling protocol used for toll-free access between ILECs and IXCs.
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2001/05/18 - Bell Canada
Description: Comments re Call-Net 30 April 2001 Letter on Payphone Billing and Invoicing Issues. Bell Canada generally denies any assertion made in the Call-Net letter which is inconsistent with the positions put forward by the Company in relation to the subject matter of the Call-Net letter in submissions put forward by Bell Canada in the CISC and in other Commission proceedings. Failure by Bell Canada to address any ofCall-Net's assertions should not be construed as acceptance of such assertion.
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