2008-08-07 - #8740-A53-200810681 - Saskatchewan Telecommunications (SaskTel) - AMT 180 - Service de Messagerie vocale

Dossier fermé - Lettre du Conseil - 2008-08-08

2008-08-08 - Lettre du Conseil
Description: Lettre adressée à Saskatchewan Telecommunications - Objet: Avis de modification tarifaire 180 - Frais de travaux d'hiver

2008-08-07 - Saskatchewan Telecommunications
Description: SaskTel respectfully requests the withdrawal of Tariff Notice No. 180 (TN 180), filed on 24 July 2008, which proposed several changes to SaskTel's General Tariff-Basic Services (CRTC 21411), Winter Construction Charges, Item 105.20, including revisions to the items previously listed under the conditions of service, a proposal to replace set pole installation rates with actual costs, as well as several
wording revisions.
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