2002/01/24 - #8740-J1-0562/02  - Island Telecom Inc. - AMT 562/A - Modification à l'AMT 562

2002/01/11 - #8740-J1-0562/02  - Island Telecom Inc. - AMT 562 - Réseau de service local - multi-ligne

2002/04/16 - Lettre du Conseil - Version anglaise seulement - "Version imprimée"
Dossiers #: 8740-A53-04/02, 8740-J1-562/02, 8740-M1-809/02, 8740-N5-870/02, 8740-N2-663/02
Description: Lettre adressée à Aliant Telecom Inc. - Objet: Avis de modification tarifaire no 4 de Aliant et les avis de modification tarifaire associés - La demande d'Aliant de supprimer les avis de modification tarifaire est acceptée

2002/04/03 - Aliant Telecom Inc.
Description: Aliant Telecom Inc. wishes at this time to withdraw the above named tariff notices.
020403.doc - 333KO

2002/02/25 - Aliant Telecom Inc.
Description: In Decision CRTC 2002-9 the Commission ordered the Company to file within 15 days. Response from the Company as to why this information will not be available within the 15 days allowed.
020225.doc - 335KO

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