TELUS Communications (B.C.) Inc. (TCBC) (now TELUS Communications Company (TCC)) - TN 4385 & TN 4385/A - 8740-T46-201513607

General Tariff - Various Tariff Items - 2015-12-07 and 2016-01-28

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2016-03-07 - Telecom Order CRTC 2016-87 Streamlined order - The Commission approves the following tariff applications: TELUS Communications Company TNs 4385 and 4385A (TCBC); 503 and 503A (TCI); 661 and 661A (TCI)

2016-01-07 - Procedural Letter
File #: 8740-T66-201513581, 8740-T42-201513599, 8740-T46-201513607
Description: Letter addressed to TELUS Communications Company - Subject: TELUS Tariff Notice 4385/661/503 – Introduction of Access Rate Bands, Wire Centres / Rate Centres for Digital Services

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