Bell Canada - TN 7420 - 8740-B2-201400522

Special Facilities Tariff - Connection of Customer-Provided Equipment - 2014-01-20

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2014-10-03 - Telecom order CRTC 2014-517 Bell Aliant Regional Communications, Limited Partnership and Bell Canada – Introduction of Text Messaging with 9-1-1 service. File numbers: Bell Aliant Tariff Notice 474 and Bell Canada Tariff Notice 7420

2014-01-30 - Telecom order CRTC 2014-32 Streamlined order
The Commission approves on an interim basis the following tariff applications: Bell Aliant TN 474; Bell Canada TN 7420; Saskatchewan Telecommunications TN 292

2014-03-03 - Bell Canada
Description: Bell Aliant and Bell Canada (the Companies) are in receipt of comments from Bragg Communications Inc., carrying on business as Eastlink, Rogers and Quebecor Media associated with changes implemented in Tariff Notices (TNs) 474 and 7420 dated 20 January 2014 to introduce Text with 9-1-1 (T9-1-1) service. The following constitutes our Reply Comments.
Document: 2085437.doc - 89KB

2014-02-18 - Québecor Média inc.
Description: Les présents commentaires sont soumis par Québecor Média, au nom de sa filiale Vidéotron s.e.n.c., eu égard aux modifications tarifaires susmentionnées en rubrique et déposées par Bell Aliant et Bell Canada (les compagnies Bell) le 20 janvier dernier.
Document: 2084251.pdf - 21KB

2014-02-18 - Bragg Communications Inc. (EastLink)
Description: Bragg Communications Inc., carrying on business as Eastlink (“Eastlink”), submits this intervention in response to Bell Aliant’s proposed TN 474 and Bell Canada’s proposed TN 7420 (the “Tariff Notices”), filed on 20 January 2014.
Document: 2078013.pdf - 164KB

2014-02-14 - Rogers Communications Partnership
Description: Rogers Communications Partnership (Rogers) submits this intervention in response to proposed changes to Bell Aliant's and Bell Canada's (altogether hereinafter "the Companies") Special Facilities Tariffs (SFT's) - Item G21 - Wireless Service Provider (WSP) Enhanced 9-1-1 (E9-1-1) Service.
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