TBayTel (formerly The Corporation of the City of Thunder Bay - Telephone Division) - TN 166 - 2012-09-12 - # 8740-T8-201211490

General Tariff - Digital Network Services

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2012-11-16 - Telecom order CRT 2012-632 TBayTel – DS-1 Digital Network Access service
File number: TN 166

2012-10-16 - TBayTel
Description:  Tbaytel has received comments from MTS Allstream Inc. (collectively, "MTS Allstream") dated October 9, 2012 regarding Tbaytel's Tariff Notice 166 ("TN") whereby Tbaytel is proposing tariff revisions to its General Tariff - Section TB920 Digital Network Services to incorporate rate increases for DS-1 Digital Network Access Services. The following is Tbaytel's response to MTS Allstream's comments.
Document: 1782647.pdf - 257KB

2012-10-09 - MTS Inc. and Allstream Inc. (collectively, MTS Allstream)
Description: MTS Inc. and Allstream Inc. (collectively, MTS Allstream) are filing these comments in response to Tariff Notice 166 (TN 166) filed by Tbaytel on 12 September 2012. In TN 166, Tbaytel proposes to increase the monthly rates for DS-1 Digital Network Access (DNA) services by more than 17%. MTS Allstream submits that the proposed increases do not comply with the applicable regulatory framework, and should therefore be denied.
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