Rogers Cable Communications Inc. - TN 30 - 2012-11-07 - # 8740-R28-201214205

Access Service Tariff - High-Speed third-party Internet access (TPIA) Services

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Reference: 8661-C182-201214270

2013-01-31 - Telecom orders CRTC 2013-37 Rogers Communications Partnership – Destandardization of certain wholesale Third Party Internet Access service speeds
File numbers: TNs 29 and 30

2012-12-20 - Rogers Communications Partnership
Discription: Rogers Communications Partnership (“Rogers”) hereby files its Reply to comments received from CNOC Inc. dated December 7, 2012.
Document: 1812357.pdf - 53KB

2012-12-07 - Canadian Network Operators Consortium Inc. (“CNOC”)
Discription: Canadian Network Operators Consortium Inc. (“CNOC”) is in receipt of Tariff Notice 30 (“TN 30”) filed by Rogers Communications Partnership (“Rogers”). In TN 30, Rogers proposed to withdraw Rogers’ current aggregated POI 75 Mbps TPIA offerings for new retail end-user orders of TPIA customers effective 14 January 2013. Existing retail end-users of these service speeds would be grandfathered.
Document: 1808582.pdf - 20KB

2012-11-16 - Murphy, Teresa
Discription: I’m filing this as a concerned citizen, as well as a customer of a TPIA provider. I have a direct interest in this process as depending on how the Commission rules on this Tariff Notice, it could enable myself and other Canadians to be able to create Canadian Content to a much higher degree, but it could also increase my monthly internet costs.
Document: - 333KB

2012-11-12 - Vaxination Informatique
Discription: Vaxination Informatique is in receipt of the Rogers tariff notices 28-29-30 which concern TPIA service speed changes and has been made aware today via Twitter of a CNOC Part-1 requesting immediate action on the issues raised by TN-28-29-30 and offers some comments.
Document: 1796627.pdf - 590KB

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