Bruce Telecom (formerly Bruce Municipal Telephone System - TN 140/A - Amendment - 2012-02-22 - # 8740-B7-201201441

Bruce Telecom (formerly Bruce Municipal Telephone System) - TN 140 - Access Services Tariff - 2012-02-03 - # 8740-B7-201201441

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2012-09-28 - Telecom order CRTC 2012-525 Bruce Telecom – Local service request rejection charge
File numbers: TNs 140 and 140A

2012-04-27 - Telecom order CRTC 2012-257 Bruce Telecom – Access services tariff
File numbers: Tariff Notices 140 and 140A

2012-02-16 - Commission Letter
Description: Letter addressed to Bruce Telecom - Re:  Tariff Notice 140 – Access Services Tariff

2012-02-15 - Bragg Communications Inc. for EastLink
Description: Bragg Communications Inc., operating as ”EastLink” (EastLink), has obtained a copy of Bruce Telecom’s Tariff Notice 140. EastLink herein provides our comments on Bruce’s Tariff Notice.
Document: 1675341.pdf - 55KB

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