Téléphone Milot Inc. - TN 56 - 8740-M4-201110410

General Tariff - 9-1-1 Public Emergency Reporting Service - 2011-07-05

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2011-09-26 - Telecom Order 2011-621 Streamlined order
The Commission approves the following tariff applications: 9164-3122 Québec Inc. (operating as Sogetel Numérique) TN 11; Sogetel inc. TN 147; Téléphone Milot Inc. TN 56.

2011-07-15 - Commission Letter
Description: Letter addressed to Téléphone Milot Inc. - Re: Tariff Notice 56 – New Section 2.14.4 to 9-1-1 Public Emergency Reporting Service (PERS)

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