TELUS Communications Company (TCC) - TN 375 - 2009-10-06 - # 8740-T66-200913518

General Tariff - Analogue Private Line Services

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2010-03-11 - Telecom Order CRTC 2010-143 TELUS Communications Company – Modifications to Conditions of Service related to Analogue Private Line Services
File number: TN 375

2009-11-12 - TELUS Communications Company (TCC)

Description: TELUS Communications Company (“TELUS”) is in receipt of a letter dated November 4, 2009 from The Internet Centre Inc. (“TICI”) objecting to TELUS’ proposed changes to General Tariff (CRTC 21461) Item 522, Analogue Private Line Services filed in Tariff Notice No. 375 (“TN-375”).
Document: 1320431.pdf - 24KB

2009-11-04 - The Internet Centre Inc.

Description: The Internet Centre herein files its request to deny Telus its application to revise Item 522, and notes to support The Intenet Centre’s request.
Document: 1318750.doc - 74KB

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