2008-06-12 - # 8740-T8-200808280 - TBayTel (formerly The Corporation of the City of Thunder Bay - Telephone Division) - TN 145 - General Tariff - Support Structure Offering

2008-06-23 - Telecom Order CRTC 2008-175 Streamlined order
The Commission approves on an interim basis the following tariff applications:
Bell Aliant TN 310 (Aliant Telecom); Cochrane Telecom Services TNs 60 and 60A; FlexITy Solutions Inc. TN 1; TBayTel TN 145; Télébec, Limited Partnership TNs 369 and 369A.

2008-07-14 - TBayTel
Description: TBayTel is in receipt of Shaw Communications Inc.'s ("Shaw") comments of June 24, 2008 concerning the Commission's Interim approval of TBayTel's Tariff Notice 145 ("TN 145").
Document: 927183.doc - 654KB

2008-06-24 - Shaw Communications Inc.
Description:  Shaw is in receipt of TBayTel Tariff Notice 145 requesting an increase to certain rates under its Support Structure Offering.
Document: 920835.pdf - 67KB

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