2008-05-02 - # 8740-T69-200806466 - TELUS Communications (Québec) Inc. (Now TELUS Communications Company (TCC) - TN 488 -  General Tariff - 9-1-1 Public Emergency Reporting Service

2010-06-29 - Telecom Order CRTC 2010-415 TELUS Communications Company - Extension of 9-1-1 Public Emergency Reporting Service to wireless service providers in its Quebec operating territory
File number: TN 488

2008-05-12 - Telecom Order CRTC 2008-135 Streamlined order
The Commission approves on an interim basis the following tariff applications:
Bell Aliant TNs 184, 185, 186 and 300 (Aliant Telecom); Bell Canada TNs 7127 and 7128; NorthernTel, Limited Partnership TNs 253, 253A, 254 and 254A; TELUS Communications Company TN 488 (TCQ).

2008-05-27 - TELUS Communications Company
Description: TELUS Communications Company ("TELUS" or the "Company"), is in receipt of comments from Rogers Communications Inc. (“Rogers) dated May 12, 2008, with respect to the Company’s Tariff Notice No. 488 (“TN 488”).
Document: 909969.pdf - 23KB

2008-05-12 - Rogers Communications Inc.
Description: Rogers Wireless Partnership (“Rogers”) is in receipt of TELUS Communications Company (“TELUS”) Tariff Notice No. 488 (“TN 488”), proposing the extension of 9-1-1 Public Emergency Reporting Services (“PERS”) to Wireless Service Providers (“WSPs”) in the company’s independent telephone company serving territory in Quebec.
Document: 904596.pdf - 52KB

Date Modified: 2010-06-29

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