2006-09-07 - #8740-T46-200611386 - TELUS Communications (B.C.) Inc. (TCBC) - TN 4257 - Centrex Service

2007-05-18 - Telecom Order CRTC 2007-177 The Commission approves on a final basis TELUS Communications Company's applications to increase its Centrex Service rates in Alberta and British Columbia. Reference: TNs 571 (TCI) and 4257 (TCBC).

2006-10-10 - TELUS Communications Inc.
Description: TCC is in receipt of written comments from MTS Allstream Inc. ("MTS Allstream") dated October 2, 2006, in respect of the Company's Former TCI Tariff Notice No. 571 and TELUS Communications (B.C.) Inc. ("TCBC") Tariff Notice No. 4257 (collectively, "TNs 571/4257").
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2006-10-02 - MTS Allstream Inc.
Description: In accordance with the procedures set out in Part II of the CRTC Telecommunications Rules of Procedure and Telecom Circular 2005-6, MTS Allstream Inc. (MTS Allstream) hereby submits the following comments regarding TELUS Communications Company (TCC) Tariff Notice No. 571 and TELUS Communications (B.C) Inc, (TCBC)Tariff Notice 4257 (TN 571 and TN 4257) dated 7 September 2006.
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