2006-04-12 - #8740-B2-200604448 - Bell Canada  - TN 6940 - General Tariff - Work-Function structure - Housekeeping changes

2006-07-26 Telecom Order CRTC 2006-195 The Commission approves an application by Bell Canada, dated 12 April 2006, proposing revisions to General Tariff item 100, Work Function Structure, related to service charges applicable for residence individual line service. Reference: TN 6940.

2006-04-25 - Telecom Order CRTC 2006-95 The Commission denies the ex parte treatment of the application by Bell Canada, dated 12 April 2006. Reference: TN 6940.

2006-06-15 - Commission Letter - English Version Only - "Hard Copy Document"
Description: Letter addressed to Bell Canada - Re: Bell Canada Tariff Notice 6940 - Work-Function structure - Housekeeping changes

2006-05-30 - Bell Canada
Description:  Bell Canada (or the Company) is in receipt of comments dated 19 May 2006 from Quebecor Media Inc. (QMI).   The Company is submitting the following reply comments.
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2006-05-19 - Quebecor Media Inc.
Description: The following are QMI’s comments on TN 6940, in which Bell proposes to waive the Service Connection charge for its new and moving Individual Line Residence PES customers who, as a result of a workload constraint on the part of Bell, experience a missed installation appointment that required a technician’s visit.
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2006-05-19 - Bell Canada
Descripton: Bell Canada is providing a revision to Attachment 2 associated with the above mentioned Tariff Notice.
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