2005-01-17 - #8740-N1-200500563 - Northwestel Inc. - TN 818  - General Tariff - Revision to Voice Grade Channel and Mileage Charges

2005-02-22 - Telecom Order CRTC 2005-66
The Commission approves an application by Northwestel Inc. (Northwestel), dated 17 January 2005, to revise General Tariff item 701, Voice Channel Mileage, and item 202, Voice Grade Channels, in order to increase the monthly rates for local channels to bring the rates closer to costs. On 9 February 2005, Northwestel amended the letter accompanying the proposed tariff pages. Reference: TN 818. Eff. date = 25.02.05.

2005-02-09 - Northwestel Inc.
Description: Please remove the original cover letter submitted with TN 818 and replace with the following cover letter attached hereto.
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