2005-09-02 - #8740-B2-200510330 - Bell Canada - TN 6899 - General Tariff - Bell Digital Voice

2007-04-05 - Telecom Decision CRTC 2007-21 The Commission approves on a final basis Bell Canada Tariff Notice 6900, except for an aspect of Bell Canada's proposed tariff related to local number portability and subject to Bell Digital Voice service being included in the sub‑baskets of residential optional services. It also approves Bell Canada's request to withdraw General Tariff item 7030, Bell Digital Voice. Reference: 8662‑Q15‑200512443, Bell Canada TNs  6899 and 6900.

2005-09-06 - Telecom Order CRTC 2005-317 The Commission approves on an interim basis, effective 8 September 2005, the ex parte application by Bell Canada, dated 2 September 2005. Reference: TN 6899.

2005-10-11 - Bell Canada
Description:  Bell Canada (or the Company) is in receipt of comments from Rogers Telecom Holdings Inc. (Rogers) dated 29 September 2005 and from Quebecor Media Inc. (QMI) dated 3 October 2005 concerning Tariff Notice No. 6899 Bell Digital Voice (BDV) service.   The following is the Company's reply to those comments
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2005-10-03 - Quebecor Media on behalf of Videotron
Description: QMI is in receipt of TN 6899, dated 2 September 2005 and placed on the public record on 8 September 2005, and TN 6900, dated 2 September 2005 and placed on the public record on 21 September 2005
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2005-09-29 - Rogers Telecom Holding Inc. (Rogers)
Description: The following is submitted by Rogers Telecom Holding Inc. (Rogers) with respect to the above noted Tariff Notice. It is noted that the Tariff Notice was filed on an ex parte basis on 2 September 2005 and received interim approval under Telecom Order CRTC 2005-317 dated 6 September 2005.
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