2004-07-22 - # 8740-T69-200407925 - TELUS Communications (Québec) Inc. - TN 385  - Basic and extended area services
2004 Price Cap

2004-357 The Commission approves on final basis an application by TELUS Communications Inc. dated 23 July 2004, proposing tariff revisions to meet the 2004 price cap commitment of the former TELUS Communications (Québec) Inc. The revisions to the Other Capped Services basket take effect 1 August 2004, and the revisions to the Residential Optional Local Services in HCSAs sub-basket and to the Single and Multi-line Business Local Exchange Services basket take effect on 29 October 2004. Reference: TN 385. ( .pdf )

2004-11-01 - TELUS Communications (Québec) Inc.
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