2004-08-06 - #8740-T66-200408535 - TCI (or "The Company") - TN 148 - Special Facilitiy Tariff - Customer-specific Fibre Maintenance Services (Alberta only)

2005-02-23 - Telecom Order CRTC 2005-73 The Commission approves an application by TELUS Communications Inc., dated 6 August 2004, to introduce Special Facilities Tariff item 220, Customer-specific Fibre Maintenance Service (Alberta only). Reference: TN 148. Eff. date = 23.02.05.

2004-09-27 - TELUS Communications Inc.
Description: The following constitutes TCI’s reply to the Xit Comments based on TCI’s own English translation of the Xit Comments.
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2004-09-16 - Commission Letter - English Version Only - "Hard Copy Document"
Description: Letter addressed to TELUS Communications Inc. - Re: Tariff Notice No. 148 - The request for extension is accepted

2004-09-15 - TELUS Communications Inc.
Descrition: TELUS Communications Inc. is in receipt of a letter from Mr. Francois D. Ménard, on behalf of Xit telecom, dated September 7, 2004, regarding the Company’s Tariff Notice No. 148.
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2004-09-07 - Xit telecom Inc.
Description: Xit telecom Inc., en son nom et au nom de telecommunications Xittel inc. (Xit telecom) deposent les commentaires suivants en relation avec l'AMT #148 de TELUS Communications Inc. (TCI).
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