2004-08-23 - #8740-T42-200409137 - TELUS Communications Inc. (TCI) - TN 535 - General Tariff - Centrex Service

2007-03-26 - Telecom Order CRTC 2007-92 The Commission approves on a final basis TCI TN 150, former TELUS Communications Inc. (TCI) TNs 534 and 535, and former TELUS Communications (B.C.) Inc. TNs 4216 and 4217, by which TCI, now TELUS Communications Company, proposed to introduce IP‑Evolution Service as an alternative to its Centrex service. Reference: TN 150, former TCI TNs 534 and 535, and former TCBC TNs 4216 and 4217.

2004-12-23 - Telecom Order CRTC 2004-445 The Commission approves on an interim basis five applications by TELUS Communications Inc. (TCI), dated 23 August 2004, proposing revisions to its General Tariff to introduce item 210, IP-Evolution Service, as an alternative to the company's Centrex service. TCI also proposed to offer an IP-Evolution Messaging service as part of the proposed tariff. Reference:  TCI   TN   150 , former TCI TNs 534 and 535 and TCBC TNs 4216 and  4217 . Eff. date = 03.02.05.

2005-01-06 - TELUS Communications Inc.
Description: Interim Approved Tariff Pages
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2005-02-09 - TELUS Communications Inc.
Descripton: TELUS Communications Inc. (“TELUS” or the “Company”) is submitting, for the Commission’s information, a copy of its customer agreement for the Company’s IP-Evolution service. This is being submitted pursuant to the Commission’s direction at paragraph 21 of the above Order.
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