2004-01-15 - #8740-S22-200400325 - Saskatchewan Telecommunications Inc. (Sasktel) - TN 55  - General Tariff - Network and Multi-Line Access Services, Centrex Service II, Exchange and Northern Radio Telephone

2004/03/31 - Telecom Order CRTC 2004-106 -  The Commission approves an application by Saskatchewan Telecommunications, dated 15 January 2004, to revise several General Tariff items in order to increase the rates for business services in high-cost serving areas. Reference: TN 55. Eff. date = 31.03.04.

2004-01-15 - Saskatchewan Telecommunications Inc.(Sasktel)
Description: Saskatchewan Telecommunications (SaskTel) submits the attached price cap model to support the proposed rate changes in Tariff Notice No. 55.
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