2004-06-30 - # 8740-B2-200406935 - Bell Canada - TN 6825 - General Tariff - Modifications to Optical Link Arrangements and High Speed Metro Service (HSM)

2006-03-27 - Telecom Order CRTC 2006-65 The Commission approves on a final basis applications by Bell Canada proposing the introduction of High Speed Metro Service under its General Tariff, item 5030. It further approves the withdrawal of Bell Canada Tariff Notice 6825.
Reference: TNs 6755, 6755A, 6798, 6798A, 6825, 6898 and 6901.


2005-10-14 - Bell Canada
Description: Bell Canada respectfully requests the withdrawal of Tariff Notice No. 6825 (TN 6825) which proposed to introduce a one year rate for High Speed Metro Service (HSM) – General Tariff (GT) Item No. 5030 and unbundle the tariff components to provide HSM as an access from an end-user to a Competitor’s co-located equipment or other Bell services.
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