General Tariff - Wireless Service Provider Enhanced 9-1-1 Service (WSP E9-1-1) - 2003-12-19

2004/11/04 - Telecom Decision CRTC 2004-70 - The Commission approves MTS Allstream Inc.'s Wireless Service Provider Enhanced 9-1-1 (WSP E9-1-1) Service and the associated WSP E9-1-1 Service Agreement, subject to modifications. The Commission directs Aliant Telecom Inc., Bell Canada, and TELUS Communications Inc. to make certain modifications to their WSP E9-1-1 service agreements. Reference: 521. ( pdf)

2004/04/16 - TELUS Communications Inc.
Description: The following constitutes TCI'S reply to RWI's comments.
Document: 040416.doc - 71KB

2004/02/09 - Bell Canada
Description: Bell Canada has become aware of comments dated 19 January 2004 from Rogers Wireless Inc. regarding Manitoba Telecom Services Inc. Tariff Notice No. 521. The Company submits the following response.
Document: 040209.doc - 67KB

2004/01/29 - MTS Communications Inc.
Description: Reply comments to the comments of Rogers Wireless Inc. associated with MTS' Tariff Notice No. 521.
Document: 040129_1.doc - 754KB

2004/01/29 - Aliant Telecom Inc.
Description: Aliant Telecom files its response to Rogers Wireless 2004 01 19 intervention regarding MTS tariff notice 521.
Document: 040129.doc - 41KB

2004/01/26 - MTS Communications Inc.
Description: MTS is providing its response to the claims made by Microcell in the following reply comments.
Document: 040126.doc - 139KB

2004/01/19 - Rogers Wireless Inc.
Description: Following are RWI's comments regarding TN 521.
Document: 040119.pdf - 153KB

2004/01/16 - Microcell Solutions Inc.
Description: The following are Microcell’s comments on TN 521, wherein MTS proposes the introduction of Wireless Service Provider Enhanced 9-1-1 Service (WSP E9-1-1 Service) in MTS’ 9-1-1 serving territory.
Document: 040116.doc - 47KB

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