General Tariff - Service Charge for Trouble Identification on ILEC Unbundled Local Loops - 2003-09-19

2004/01/18 - Telecom Order CRTC 2005-26 The Commission approves on a final basis applications by Call-Net Communications Corp., LondonConnect Inc., and Allstream Corp., dated 19 August 2003, 19 September 2003, and 23 October 2003, respectively, to revise their general tariffs to introduce Service Charge for Trouble Identification on ILEC Unbundled Local Loops. References: Call-Net Communications Inc. TN 17, LondonConnect Inc. TN 19, Allstream Corp. TN 17.

2003/10/21 - Telecom Order CRTC 2003-425 - The Commission approves on an interim basis an application by LondonConnect Inc. (LondonConnect), dated 19 September 2003, to apply a service charge when LondonConnect dispatches a service technician to perform a co-operative test on an incumbent local exchange carrier's (ILEC's) unbundled local loop after confirmation that the loop is functional and the trouble is found to be in the ILEC's facilities and/or equipment. Reference: TN 19

2004/02/06 - TELUS Communications Inc.
Description: TELUS Communications Inc. submits herewith comments relating to the above noted tariff notices, which proposed to introduce a service charge for trouble identification on incumbent local exchange carrier (-ILEC-) unbundled loops in the respective general tariffs of the filing companies.
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