2003/12/12 - #8740-B2-200318479 - Bell Canada - TN 6786 - Access Service Tariff - Co-Location Arrangements for Interconnecting Canadian Carriers

2003/12/19 - Telecom Order CRTC 2003-515 - The Commission approves on an interim basis an application by Bell Canada, dated 12 December 2003, to introduce Optical Interconnecting Carrier (IC)-IC Cross-Interconnection link service. Reference: TN 6786. Eff. date = 19.12.03

2004/01/24 - Bell Canada
Description: Bell Canada (or the Company) is in receipt of comments submitted by Allstream Corp. (Allstream), dated 12 January 2004, with regard to Bell Canada Tariff Notice No. 6786 (TN 6786).
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2004/01/12 - Allstream
Description: Allstream Corp. (Allstream) is in receipt of Bell Canada Tariff Notice (TN) No. 6786 proposing to expand the existing interconnecting carrier - interconnecting carrier (IC-IC) cross-interconnection link service currently available under item 110 of Bell Canada's carrier access tariff (CAT) by adding speeds of OC-3 and OC-12 to the existing DS-1 and DS-3 link speeds.
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