2002/02/20 - #8740-T8-0099/02 - The Corporation of the City of Thunder Bay - TN 99 - General Tariff - Wireless Access Service 

2002/10/11 - Telecom Order CRTC 2002-405 - The Commission approves, subject to the agreed upon wording changes being made, an application by Thunder Bay Telephone, dated 20 February 2002, to revise item 7, CCS7 Signalling Interconnection, under section TB230, Wireless Access Service, of its General Tariff, in order to introduce a common channel signalling 7 transiting service. Reference: TN 99. Eff. Date = 11.10.02.

2002/09/30 - Thunder Bay Telephone
Description:  Revisions to Wireless Access Service
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2002/03/28 - Thunder Bay Telephone - "Hard Copy Document"
Description:  Thunder Bay Telephone (TBT) is in receipt of comments from Microcell Telecommunications Inc. and Rogers Wireless Inc., dated March 12th and March 15th respectively, concerning TBT's Tariff Notice 99.

2002/03/15 - Rogers Wireless Inc. ("RWI")  

Description:  In the Tariff Notice, TBT has proposed rates for CCS7 Transiting Service. RWI is also in receipt of comments filed by Microcell Telecommunications INc. ("Microcell) regarding the Tariff Notice, dated 12 March 2002.
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2002/03/12 - Microcell Telecommunications Inc.
Description: The following are Microcell's comments on TN 99 wherein Thunder Bay Telephone proposes, among other things, new rates for a CCS7 Transiting Service.
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